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Thread: Question on Tenkara rod brand/model

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    I purchased the Hirame 12ft 6:4 rod from AFB and it seems to be a very nice rod and beautiful. Unfortunately I have only fished it twice. It casts well and seems to be very well made. It also has a swivel where the lilian connects which is a nice feature as it makes it easier when rolling line on holder as it helps the line from getting coiled around itself. Should it get stolen I would buy another as the price point and quality is excellent. I will keep you all posted if I find any criticism or concerns about the rod.

    As far as the transaction with AFB it was excellent. Ordered in the evening and they processed and shipped it out the next day. Arrived in a long triangular box via USPS. I would do business with them again without hesitation.

    One more thing if you look closely at the Nissin on the same page it looks identical other than the branding and the metal cap on the handle. I suspect it is the same rod.
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