Sport fishing column for July 9 to 16, 2012

In last week's column we covered the effect of barometric pressure of fish feeding activity. This week I have chosen to expound on the effect of water temperature.

Water temperature effects every season and aspect of a fish's life. It starts by determining when adult fish spawn and later when the spawned eggs hatch. It is water temperature, not month of the calendar that determines what food sources are available. Being cold blooded like reptiles, temperature regulates a fish's metabolism, which affect both the need to feed and the speed of their digestion. The temperature of water also determines its oxygen content. All living things require oxygen to breathe and fish are constantly in search of that optimum oxygen level to breathe more effectively.

Understanding the correlation between temperature and fish activity, aids the angler in developing both strategies and expectations for a days fishing. For instance, one should not expect the same aggressiveness from a winter fish that is expected from a summer fish. The colder water of winter holds less oxygen, and slows down a fish's metabolism. Water that is too warm can also be a problem when oxygen levels become depleted through evaporation and fish find it difficult to breathe comfortably. The solution is look for water that holds more oxygen; warmer water in winter and cooler water in summer.

Fish are always feeding somewhere, their life depends on it. To catch fish consistently one needs to understand the perimeters of the game for the day and work within them.

The Report

Are lower mainland lakes are in prime condition for the best fishing of the year so far. For wet (sinking) fly trout fishing try: Chironomid, Bloodworm, Red Spratley, Coachman, Zulu, American Coachman, Professor, Wooly Bugger, Micro Leach, Dragonfly Nymph, Sixpack, Doc Spratley, Pumpkinhead, or Baggy Shrimp. For evening dry (floating) fly trout fishing try: Tom Thumb, Irresistible, Royal Coachman, Renegade, Elk hair Caddis, Black Gnat, Griffith Gnat, or Lady McConnel. For kokanee try: Red Ibis, Double Trued, Blood Worm, San Juan Worm, Red Spratley, or Red Carey. For bass try: Zonker, Clouser's Deep Minnow, Lefty's Deceiver, Dolly Whacker, Big Black, Wooly Bugger, Hair Frog, Foam Frog, Poppers, or Crayfish. For panfish try: Wooly Bugger, Micro Leach, Bucktail, Dolly Whacker, Bloodworm, Chironomid, Poppers, Turks Tarantula, Tom Thumb or Irresistible.

Fishing on our interior lakes is very good. For wet fly fishing try: Chironomid, Bloodworm, Halfback, 52 Buick, Pumpkinhead, Big Black, Micro Leach, Coachman, Green Spratley, Carey Special, Souboo, or Baggy Shrimp. For Dry fly fishing try: Lady McConnel, Black Gnat, Double Hackled Peacock, Griffith Gnat, Elk Haired Caddis, Irresistible, Sofa Pillow, or Tom Thumb.

We will be hosting an intermediate fly fishing course at Hatch Match'r Fly & Tackle, Saturday July 21, 2012. Call 1-604-467-7118 for more details.