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    Bob Swan and I fished the Fat river near Belding Mi. yesterday. The water was very low for this time of year and I feared the worst when we started. I few yards upstream from the bridge I hooked into a nice fish that broke my leader and stole my white marabou muddler when it dragged my line under an old tree branch laying on the bottom. Over the next couple of hours we caught a few small fish like This one Bob is holding.

    We missed some apparently bigger fish, especially one holding tight to the upstream pillar of the bridge that Bob worked over for some time before heading downstream to a bigger, deeper hole we expected to be the best fishing of the day. I decide to fish this streamer through the hole behind Bob's popper.

    It caught the big fish of the day, a two foot long Northern pike. No pictures of the pike as it took both of us with small pliers and forceps to rescue the fly. When released the fish lay belly up but was resuscitated before I got out the frying pan.
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