Hello all! I have a New fly fishing company, and my partner and I have recently fallen in love with Tenkara. In doing so we and have decided to expand our company into two and go into the accesory side of Tenkara. We have furled lines at the moment, and have been using them with much success. We are however looking for some feedback and reviews of our line. The line I have to send out is 13 1/2ft long and two toned with a two foot hi vis tip. I can make them in shorter lengths as well. If you are interested in trying out a different line then send me a pm with your information. I would like to get these out and circulating to start getting feedback on this. I make these with a very fine polyester thread combo core to help the line without making it to heavy for your rod. These are a very light line I have been using on my Tenkara-Fishing 10ft rod.


Brandon Moon