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Thread: My First Tenkara Experience On A Lake I have Fished For more than 40 Years

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    Yes, you read that right - 40 fish on a single fly pattern in a matter of minuets, not hours.

    In fishing high mountain lakes, because of the coder than optimum water temps and the low basic food productivity of such mineral lean waters, most of the trout will be found in a narrow band of water that is right next to the lake shore, where the aquatic insects hatch and emerge and the trout's food is produced. The other main source of insect food for the fish living in high mountain lakes is up-slope-blow-in falls of terrestrials (land based instead of water based insects) that the thermal winds deposit into the high lakes on a nearly daily basis in the afternoons, especially where the bugs will drift to on the windward side of the lake. The bugs concentrate in the splash-back zone, from a few inches to a number of feet off the lake shore, where the trout cruise looking for their next bite of food they will take. Most of your casts will be made parallel to the shore rather than being made as far out into the lake as you can cast, so distance casting potential is relatively unimportant in fishing the high lakes. Of course, a high degree of stealth is required to keep from spooking the fish in such shallow water, right next to the bank. Whether the lake you are fishing is timbered or is a treeless lake, Tenkara Tackle holds a real advantage over using western fly fishing gear because of your ability to present the fly to the fish without making much rod movement with the bow-and-arrow cast, and your ability to hold nearly all of your fishing line up and off of the water. With traditional western fly tackle, the heavy fly line falling on the water scares a lot of the fish you are targeting.

    Since some of the best fishing available is done under windy conditions, when it is most troublesome to use Tenkara tackle because the wind blows your line around, making it difficult to cast and get drag free drifts, there is a need for a floating Tenkara fly line, which up until just recently has not been available. However, Rigs is selling a Floating, Tapered Tenkara Fly Line. Here is a link for additional information on the line if anyone is interested:
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