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Thread: GILLS - Whip Finish - July 2, 2012

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    Default GILLS - Whip Finish - July 2, 2012


    Standing motionless on the bank of the pond, I watched as at least a half dozen fish rose towards the fly as if inspecting it's every piece of thread. Then suddenly, and for no apparent reason, the largest in the school closed the last few inches and sipped it in. For a second it simply hung suspended, as if contemplating spitting it out or not, when a lift of the rod set the hook kicked the palm-sized fish into high gear. With a whoop fit for setting the fly on a tarpon I played the little fish. It's slashing runs zigzagged back and forth through the pond as it fought much bigger than its size for more than a few minutes. Nevertheless, the little 3weight rod held to the task and I was soon admiring one of the brightest colored pan fish I had caught in years.
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    I'm always happy to see an article on bluegills, but this had me scratching my head:

    "Having enjoyed some of the best waters across the country, I still hold a particular fish I caught on an elk-hair caddis in a Central PA lake as one of my best ever. A die-hard trout fisherman, that blue-black bluegill was the length of my rods 9 inch cork and a thick 1inch across the back. It played my 5weight trout rod like I was under-geared, and it took me nearly 20 minutes to land it between the runs and the lily pads ..."

    Twenty minutes to land a bluegill? I've landed baby tarpon faster.

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    Actually, just to clarify...it did take me nearly 20 minutes to land it. Between a light tippet and at the time sitting in a float tube amongst a field of lilly pads, 2-3 times it wound me up in the pads and without being able to "haul" it out as would be the case with baitcasting gear or a heavy bass rig, I was stuck letting it bounce around and "hope" that it would work it's way lose with steady pressure. Which it did thankfully. So no....it didn't "fight" for nearly 20 minutes. But it took quite some time from hookset to fish in hand.

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    Thanks for the explanation.

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