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Thread: Old "standard" fly patterns vs. new designs

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    Default Old "standard" fly patterns vs. new designs


    A while back I posted my view that the flies of "yesteryear" such as the Wulf series, catskill series, Pott flies, etc. would not fare as well today as they did in the "old days". As you might suspect, I got a number of folks ruffled and somewhat defensive. My theory due in large part to the heavy fishing pressure on our rivers today.

    Oddly enough, while in Island Park/Last Chance Idaho, while fishing the Henry's Fork, I met Rene and Bonnie Harrop. I bought and used a number of their flies and picked up his new book and a couple of his his tying videos.

    Anyway, while reading his new book, I noticed a photo of a Catskill pattern amongst his more realistic designed flies and it caught my attention as it seemed odd to be amongst his patterns. Well, when I read the caption, I realized why it was there:

    When I watched his video on tying the life cycle of the caddis flies, he also had a discussion on the river in which he explained that on today's heavily fished rivers with catch and release, the fisher must use more realistic flies to be effective.

    Now, I know this won't change any minds as my earlier post did not change any minds. However, is is comforting to know that a world class fisher/tier/artist like Rene Harrop shares my opinion.
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