I had to take my kayak out today. It was a beautiful morning, with light winds. Perfect morning to take my fly rod out to play with the sunnies. Here?s a shot of the first spot I was headed to:

I tossed a bug around for a bit. Had a few takes, but only connected with one fish, a Warmouth. It hit the popper a second after the popper splashed down. I didn?t get a picture of it, unfortunately.

A little while later, the wind picked up. I was hoping for this. This particular lake has a long axis in the SSW, running to the NEE. There?s a little ridge on the south side. The wind is usually comes out of the south, and the ridge funnels the wind to the NE, blowing right up the long axis of the lake. It?s a perfect drifting scenario. I just pulled up to within casting distance of the south shore, dropped my drift sock overboard, ran the sock up to the bow, and starting casting the popper to within inches of the weedline. I started catching a few smaller Bluegills, and a Green Sunfish.

I also managed to catch small Shellcracker. Little sucker slurped the bug just after splashdown. They?re hungry, that?s for sure.

Now, this is one of the reasons why I like using a kayak. I was paddling out, as soon as I launched, and noticed a float hung up in the weeds along the north shore. After I made the first drift down the south shore, I paddled back, along the north shoreline, looking for stuff in the weeds. Here?s the loot I recovered:

There?s more than just floats in there. A nice crankbait, a swimbait, a buzzbait, a crappie jig, not to mention some sinkers.