Quite a while ago, I mentioned how good the deer hair was at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone. It got a few folks agitated.

One fellow said that Jimmy's All Season Angler in Idaho Falls had the best deer hair. I couldn't dispute that because I had only visited Jimmy's back in the early 80's when he had a store in Pocatello.

This trip, I made a point to stop by Jimmy's in Idaho Falls as I had stocked up on deer hair at Blue Ribbon and thought I might get an even better selection at Jimmy's.

Well, let me explain what I found: Jimmy's is a very nice shop. It is well stocked and a good sized shop. Jimmy and his staff are very friendly.

The deer hair selection is a board which contains the pre-packaged "Nature's Spirit" hair. Not at all a great selection of deer hair - as compared to the big wooden bins of unpackaged deer hair at BRF in West Yellowstone.

If you want to pick through bins and bins of deer hair, elk hair, etc. stop at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, MT.