I was just in Yellowstone last month and I have a Bob story.

We arrived at Yellowstone, paid our entry fee and just as we started in the park I remembered that I needed a Yellowstone fishing permit. I asked the ranger where I could get one and they told us we could get one from any of the outfitters in town.

We turned around, headed back into West Yellowstone and stopped at the first fly shop we saw which was Bob's. This was about 4:30 in the afternoon. I walked up to the door and even though the hours for the store said they were open there was a small sign on the door saying "Closed, Gone Fishing". I turned to my wife, who was going into the gift store next door and called out "We have to find someplace else, they're closed."

Bob must have heard me because he unlocked the door, came outside and asked if he could help me. I told him I just needed a permit and he graciously asked me to come in so he could help me out. I'm sure Bob doesn't make any money selling permits so this was a very nice thing to do.

Inside they were summing up the register, vacuuming the carpet and generally rushing around getting ready to close up as fast as possible so they could get out on the river. But Bob got me my permit anyway so I could get out and go fishing too.

I just thought that was a kind thing to do.