I recently visited Scotland and enjoyed loch fishing with my H&H Forecast 6'6" 2 wt on Skye and near Lochinver. Fishing permits were 8 and 5 pounds respectively. I caught some small but energetic browns in Loch Hasco located in the Quirang near Staffin/Skye. I also caught a nice brown in Loch Crocach near Lochinver before a heavy hail/rain stopped the fishing. The wet hike back to the car was easier having caught a nice fish. My wife hiked while I fished so I missed the good parts of the Quirang - a favorite of ours. Closer to where you will be, Lake of Mentieth near Aberfoyle had many serious fisherman on a day that was waaaayy too windy for my skill level with a 2 wt.

Good Luck,

Rich Wagner