Decided to take a little break from the house chores and take the 3wt out and see what I could find. I drove around aimlessly for awhile and decided to go check out a couple spots I had heard about. As I was reaching my destination in Nelson County, the skies opened up but, decided to sit for awhile, eat a barbaque chicken sandwich and wait out the storm. After maybe 30 to 45 minutes as I was finishing my cigarette, the sun started to peek it's way through the clouds but, it was still drizzling but, I decided to go for it and I'm glad I did. The sun came out full bore, in came the humidity and as I approached the pool, I sat and watched for a moment. Within 10 minutes, trout were coming up out of the water. They would come straight up and then arch to the side. Not seeing anything obvious on the water or in the air I tied on a Elk Hair Caddis and made my first cast, nothing. Ok, made my second cast right where I had seen one jump moments ago. All of a sudden the water broke and my fly was gone, I set the hook but in my excitement let a little slack in the line and of he came. I collected myself for a moment and made another cast, fish on! this time I did everything right and landed a nice 1lb stocked Rainbow. I got him off the hook and made another couple cast and on my third cast, again fish on. It was another Rainbow but slightly bigger. At this point I had enough for the wife and I so happily I packed up and drove my way home. Not a bad couple hours break.