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Thread: DUCK'S GREEN DRAKE - Fly of the week - June 18, 2012

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    Default DUCK'S GREEN DRAKE - Fly of the week - June 18, 2012


    Several years ago, I experimented with ways to tie an extended body mayfly with tails incorporated in the extended body, which was comprised of antron. A couple different versions caught fish, but each had shortcomings.

    Recently, I ran across a furled body nymph on the FAOL Bulletin Board posted some time ago by BB member ducksterman, which used a product called Stretch Magic in the extended body. It dawned on me that that material might enhance the furled extended body, and the timing was good since I was planning for a green drake hatch on a Northern Idaho crick.

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    Follow the link for some additional information on this fly, its development, and the early results fishing the pattern.


    The fish are always right.

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