I recently picked up a few of the old style fiberglass 7' 1wt blanks which has the internal spigot ferruls mainly just to build and sell as completed rods since so many guys are always looking for glass rods as they have become hard to find now. Looking at the blank and feeling the old style VERY full flex action I thought it was just begging to be built up into an old school style rod that looked fresh from a hardware store counter back in the 1950's. So I decided to make it as nostalgic looking as I could.

Blank is a 7ft 1wt spigot ferrule rusty brown color very full flex glass blank. Reel seat is black all aluminum double lock nut down locking style. Grip is a thin tapered down in the front old style looking grip. Used a polished metal rounded winding check. Wraps are Gudebrod rust color #257 without CP so it has a nice translucent look to it. Trim is nylon black.

Even though I just built this rod in my spare time between waiting for epoxy to dry and wraps to cure on customer rods, I really couldn't be happier with the look of it. like the way this rod came out looking so nostalgic.