I bought the city permit for this lake today. I went up there to fling a fly around, and maybe dunk some minnows if the fly fishing slowed down.

As I walked to the spot I was going to fish, I noticed a bunch of small grasshoppers in the grass. I made a note to try my hopper pattern, but I wanted to start off with a chartreuse popper. I got set up on a floating platform, and since it's in a corner, I have access to two banks, plus the shaded side of the walkway leading to the platform.

Sure enough, the fish are hungry! As soon as the popper lands, they start nipping at it. The bigger fish will slurp it down. I had a few good "running strikes" by some good-sized male Bluegills that just smashed that bug. First few fish were Green Sunfish, the rest were Bluegill. I did have a brief hookup with a small LMB that didn't make the video.


The wind started to lay down just as I was leaving. I figured the approaching Cold Front was getting close. I was right When I left, it was dead-calm, and the water was smooth as glass. I'll have to go back out next weekend with my kayak and really give it a go.