My interest in the Yellowstone River was piqued by another thread on this forum, so I Googled a map of the river. I followed the map all the way from Yellowstone Lake to the Missouri River in North Dakota. What I noticed was that there were a lot of sandy beaches and sandy islands along the entire route. It appears that several sections of the river actually change course through time because of the sandy soil conditions. Then I got to wondering if anyone here, who has waded sections of the Yellowstone, ever experienced any quicksand. I got stuck in quicksand one time on the Little Spokane River near Elk Washington while bowfishing for Northern Pike Minnows. I actually had to abandon one leg of my rubberized hip waders, then pull it out by hand. Had I not stepped out of the wader, there is no telling how deep it would have gone. We laughed about it afterward, but it was actually quite frightening. So, has anyone here ever been caught in quicksand before? Especially on the Yellowstone?