We had a full prep crew at work today, so I had a gut feeling I would be getting out a little early. I had a fly rod in the van, and took the reel in with me so the heat build-up in the van wouldn't start breaking down my line.

Once I got out, I drove over to the pond, pulled out the rod, attached the reel, strung it, and tied on the popper I've been using lately. Grabbed my box of flies, some floatant, and my fishing bag, which had my camera tripod in it.

I put the bag down (you can see it in the second scene), and cast the popper out. Slurp/POP!!! Set the hook, and brought in a nice Hybrid sunnie. Released that fish, and cast out again to a slightly different spot. Slurp/POP!!! Got a good hookset on that one, and brought it in. Boy, these Hybrids are nice on a fly rod!

Decided to set the camera on the tripod and get some video. Managed to catch another Hybrid (first fish on the vid, sorry I was half out-of-frame), then followed by a string of Bluegills. Didn't catch any Bass, but they are in there.

You see a little bit of my newbie casting technique. I know, I need to keep my wrist straight. And, it's more elbow than anything else. I'm working on it.


Last fish of the day (not on video) felt like another nice Hybrid Sunnie, but it ended up diving for the bottom, and wrapping my tippet around a stick or something, and I ended up loosing my tippet, popper, and fish.