Nova Scotia Salmon Season Opens - At Last!
Nova Scotia's Salmon Season will begin tomorrow, Fri., June 8. For more details on this and other ASF RIVERNOTES updates on other rivers and salmon returns, go to:

BIG Dam Comes Down on Penobscot, Beginning Monday
The Great Works Dam dismantling will begin with a ceremony on Monday morning. U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar will be on hand. WLBZ has a video about the Penobscot Restoration Project, largest of its kind in North America.

Nova Scotia Communities Raise Fish Farm Alarm
At a press conference this past Monday in Halifax, 108 organizations jointly called for a moratorium on aquaculture expansion in Nova Scotia. Read more

Rock Snot and Felt-Soled Waders
The past half dozen years has seen many jurisdictions outlaw felt-soled waders to fight the spread of Rock Snot or Didymo. An opinion piece from Alaska provides a good overview of the reasons for a ban, and which states and countries have one. Rock Snot has reached several Gaspe rivers as well as the Tobique in New Brunswick.