Now that the shop is cleared from the early summer rod making, it is time to determine what to make for other family members... that would be our son-in-law, daughter and my wife.

Joining us was my good friend and mentor Mark, his wife and daughter. Mark will be making their daughter a rod, too.

To do that we held a "Castorama" - a cookout with a lawn-casting session with about a dozen bamboo fly rods. Everyone cast all they wanted until they found their 'sweet spot'.

That turned out to be a Driggs for SIL, Gillum 7', 3-pc, 4/5 wt for both of our daughters and a Digger Degere "Big Eddy" 6' 4", 2-pc 4 wt for my wife.

Here are a few photos highlighting our event:

A1Castorama crew.jpg

A2Castorama Em and grill.jpg

A3Castorama rods.jpg

A4Castorama mayhem.jpg

A5Castorama conclusion.jpg