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Thread: The first cast...

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    Default The first cast...

    Casting rod no1 first time notes.jpg

    I started my first rod build on the evening of January 24th and today, June 6th, am within a few short hours of the final varnish dip and mounting the reel seat, then it is really and truly finished. That will be next week given my travel schedule. Here are the project notes of the first cast of my first rod build...

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    NewTyer 1 Guest


    Congratulations. I remember my first build. I never did wet a line with it but, it was sold and sure the person that bought it has wet it many times over. Let us know how it fishes.

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    Well, here it is... what an amazing learning curve I was on for this one - fish it first time this weekend while up at Grayrock.

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    NewTyer 1 Guest


    Nice Bob. I love the thread color and have always liked down locking reel seats. I feel it just balances off better with the reel on the end. I finally got out and cast my new bamboo yesterday. I don't know if you got the same feeling I did but, wow what a sweet feeling. Slow and smooth and delicate. I have my new favorite rod. I hope you enjoy it. Any plans on building more?

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    Lovely build! But you knew you had me at the downlocking reel seat! Keep us posted on its' first water time.
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    Reporting live from the upper Manistee... rod fishes great!
    Browns last night at 10:30PM, almost dark. Grayrock
    Rodmakers gathering was outstanding. Thanks for the
    nice cooments.

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    Grayrock hat and rod June 2012.jpg

    A couple of photos from the Grayrock gathering...

    Cabin on Manistee.jpg

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    For those with interest and lots of time on their hands, here's a video tracing the build of this rod...


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    Nice meeting you at Grayrock. The rod looks great. The video of the build was really great. Your choice of mentors is questionable at best though.....

    By the way, the PMQ is fishing great! I brought 4 other rods with me and I doubt that they will see the light of day.

    Keep up the good work and keep in touch

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    Hey Brad - thanks for the note and it was good to meet you up there, too. As a result of hearing about your rod I was just looking at a PMQ build article this morning. After I get the hang of the hex rod I think I'll build one to compare. I wish I had spent some time examining yours before I left.

    Regarding my mentor, Mark - I may have convinced him never to take on an apprentice again!

    BTW, the furled leader was a hit on the Manistee that night - worked great.


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