Sitting at home Friday and I couldnt help noticing that it was dead calm with rain in the forecast. With largemouth dancing in my head I though for sure it would be a great popper day. Got out to the beach and began walking the rocks on the south side of Huron Point. The water was like glass and the fish were rising. Caught 2 largemouth off the bat and a perch on a frog popper which was odd. Then the rain came! Rained so hard I had to seek cover. 15 minutes later it stopped but the wind began to blow and blow HARD! didnt take long for the water to white cap and began turning dirty. Walked out to the tip of the point and tied on a 3" white clouser and tried to get it out there in the 2' rollers. As soon as it hit the water i had a fish on. Brought it a spunky white bass and began fishing in ernest. 18 white bass and 10 largemouth later I called it. Even in rough water, which is not ideal conditions for a fly fisher, it wasnt a bad night. Been windy ever since.