Yesterday, I was out wade-fishing in a river. I met up with the buddy that loaned me the 5wt fly rod, and we started fishing. I was using a spinning rig, throwing a lipless crankbait for "whatever" would hit it. I was catching Saugers, White Bass, and even a White Crappie on that one.

Several hours later, after my buddy had to go to work, I had wandered down to a "chute" that is knew to harbor some bigger fish. I decided to pull out the fly rod, and tied on a small streamer in a Red Fin minnow pattern that my buddy tied up. After several drifts, and a few missed strikes, I got this:

What a first fish! A Skipjack Herring. It sure did fight, and jumped several times. I released it, and went back to drifting and stripping the small streamer. About 10 minutes later, I caught a second, even bigger Skipjack. Dadgum suckers have TEETH! He cut my leader while I was fumbling with my camera, dropped back into the water, and got away with that streamer! Luckily, I had a second one. I ended up leaving shortly thereafter.