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Thread: THE GREAT SADNESS - Book Review - Jun 02, 2012

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    Default THE GREAT SADNESS - Book Review - Jun 02, 2012


    I suspect you will enjoy considerably more in his new book, The Great Sadness; Indigenous Angling and the Loss of Home if you take a few minutes and read REE's previous review - it will give you some strong insight into the world of a person of "mixed bloods "or more commonly known as "half breed." Roger turned away from his ancestral ways for a time, only to follow the circle that brought him home again to the important things in life.

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    If anyone's interested, The Great Sadness is available for download for free Saturday, June 9 only. If you find it enjoyable, a review on Amazon would be greatly helpful to this lil' struggling writer.
    "And look at Elias Wonder. Yeah, take a gander at that buzzard. Forty years ago he was happy, generous, charitable, tall, dark and handsome. Then he took up the fly rod. Now consider him. Uglier than fresh road kill. Evil-eyed, cantankerous, sullen, mean. An anti-social misfit that causes a groundswell of spleen wherever he goes."
    -- Harry Middleton

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