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Thread: THE FLY FISHING VEST - Journal - Jun 2, 2012

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    Default THE FLY FISHING VEST - Journal - Jun 2, 2012


    Today many fly fishers don't wear the traditional fly fishing vest, but there was a time when, if you didn't wear one you could not be considered a serious fly angler. The proto-type of the modern fly fishing vest came from the creative mind of Lee Wulff. Lee designed a short wading vest for fly fishermen in the early 1930's. He not only designed the first model, he sewed it himself.

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    Maybe it's an age thing, but, I've tried fanny and sling packs and still come back to wearing a vest when I am trout fishing. I still have my original Stream Design which was my first real fishing vest. The first one I made out of altering one of my jungle fatigue shirts. I do have a waist pack that I bought from Recycled Waders that I use when warm water fishing and our annual trip to Florida.
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    Great article, which got me to thinking about the topic as well.

    I began with a shoulder bag/creel much like the polar Creels of today.

    After a few years I outgrew that bag and went to a "Field & Stream" vest that carried me through a dozen years at least. My Dad owned one identical to it as well and I think it lasted him nearly 30yrs.

    I "upgraded" to a Columbia "salmon" vest with the upright front pockets while out west for a number of years...and then went to the Columbia 'Henry's Fork" model when I moved back east. I still have both and they are very servicable. The Salmon vest is now my sons vest.

    These days I fish most often with a shoulder bag again. Preferring to lighten things up a bit.

    Thanks for the article!


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    I started with a wicker creel that I bought from Herter's in the 60's. I now use a Patagonia vest for stream fishing, since I have not found anything else with the combination of comfort and capacity. I usually have 8 fly boxes, plus all the other stuff in it. For carp fishing and saltwater wade fishing, I use a fanny pack. I only have one or two fly boxes then and the fanny pack is cooler than a vest.


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