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Thread: 2013 PA Fish-In

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    Hi All,
    I have first drafts completed on a PA Fish In website and facebook page
    Working with some more savvy marketing people to tighten up the text and make sure the links and pages work
    Kindly email me any pictures you have
    Previous years are fine
    Contcat me through this thread and I will PM you my personal e-mail address
    I expect to have something to see soon
    Be well
    Thanks for another great year

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    Kevin -- I'll send you my pics of the Fish-In. I have two pics of the house we stayed at to lead off the thread. After that, it's all fish!!!,well maybe a few mountains and two disgusting pics of a snake that had the stupidity of dying in front of my truck. Nothing of the food. Ask about the "dunking" pic that my friends took after I got wet. Some friends!!! Nothing like running to my assistance---or their camera. Karma will be coming around. Hey, I found out that squirrels have been known to eat meat!!! So lets get that early season started!!!! Randy

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    Thanks Randy
    Kindly send the photo's to my personal email
    Ron sent on his "swimming" photo's
    Except for the drenching...you look good...and you saved the fly rod and cigar
    Very nimble work
    The website will have space for "testimonials"
    I could use your help to reach out to the "veteran" Fish-In'ers for brief testimonials
    They may send them to my e-mail or post them here
    I'll include them on the website
    It's still in production but is looking good
    Thanks for your help

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    OK... I've waited long enough! Started my downhill skiing season this past week and pulled out my fly tying stuff. Haven't touched it since last summer. My father passed away and my youngest son got married, so it was an emotional summer and fall. However, now that I got my fly tying stuff out, I'm beginning to have of thoughts of Pine Creek and the only time I can get away for more than a few days....By pre scheduling a week on Pine Creek! Anyone else interested? How about a new thread? Anyone else thinking they can manage a week on the stream? Now is the time to plan. Ron

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