Not gonna waste time and sit back too long for this. Imagine starting all over again.
OK guys, I have another location to choose from and possibly a change in dates. I have this other location;
and a possible date change. How about May 29th to June 2 or 3??

Talked with Sandy at this new location and she has what we want and is WILLING to work with us, not against us for our booking needs. Campers and tents are allowed--- extra air mattresses on the floor is no problem. Half the money that we spend every other year. Access to a fuse box so when uncle Ed blows out a fuse playing with toys,we can fix that. No Air conditioners but they have small window fans. The big Pine is in the back yard. A grill, big kitchen, lots of room,etc.

She has the house rented for the Memorial day week so we can use it early like 5/16-22,if we wanted to. I think once we use the place and other people come and go, we will be able to pick our week firsthand. For now, this is whats available. I don't want to go too early.