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    I'm back home.

    Wow what a trip!!

    Ill post some pictures for you all to see and I will also leave you several links to YouTube...

    It was a great adventure,hiking was very very difficult uphill for approx 3km or just shy of 2 miles at an incline of 50 to 60 degrees over boulders,fallen trees huge cedar tree trunks,but I made it.
    This lake I'm told is more then 100 feet deep in some places,I did catch several rainbows but no keepers,they were all less then 8 inches long and at a depth of at least 30 to 40 feet.South of this lake is another lake called Green drops lake.This lake is another 6km (3miles) higher then were I was at.
    Here are the links of a few videos....
    Big Dan
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