I am appealing to (relatively) experienced casters here; and the question is this: Have you ever found a fly rod that was such a good fit to your casting style that you would be able to descrivbe the fit as a "natural" one?

Without trying to sound like I'm gloating, but I just purchased a fly rod that just was such a natural caster that I nearly cryed tears of joy yesterday as I took it out on the lawn for a brief session! I won't go on a long rant or review, but I will say that the rod is a Sage 589-3 SPL. Took it out for a good fish today on a local tailwater only to confirm what my gut told me on the lawn. The rod performs just as expected and seems to be an absolute perfect fit for my type of fishing. What a joy to cast a fly rod that just seems to cast itself. Loads deeply and recovers quickly and with buttery smoothness. Enough said. How about you? Have you found your natural rod mate?