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    Default Batson RX8 steath rod

    This is built on one of the Batson RX8 series which are rated Xtra-fast action. Although at first glance it looks like a basic non flashy rod, that was actually by design because the new owner wanted a "Stealthy" rod. So my whole goal on this one was to make it very understated to the casual eye, but add some custom touches that show it is a custom rod when you look closer.

    Started out with doing the grip out of Brown burl cork to give it a stealthy look, then added some rubberized ends, and then added some thin 1/8" brown accents between the rubberized and brown burl to accomplish the "stealthy custom" look.

    For the hardware it is all blacked out, all aluminum black reel seat, black hook keeper, black stripper and guides/tip, no reflections coming off of this rod since the owner plans to night fish huge streamers for big browns.

    On the wraps I wanted them to just blend into the rod from a few feet away yet upon closer inspection be able to tell it has some custom touches to them. So I went with medium brown main wraps (no CP) and then added brown&black classic twist as a trim (no CP).

    To divide the inscription I took a small piece of gold thread and twisted it with some black thread to create a chain style look for the wrap between the inscriptions

    Last picture is of the wraps which is way over-exposed just to show the colors better of the wrap & trim

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