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Thread: VALLEY OF JEWELS - Readers cast (Ralph Long) - May 21, 2012

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    Default VALLEY OF JEWELS - Readers cast (Ralph Long) - May 21, 2012


    Pulling my truck into the small gravel parking lot near the national park trail-head sign, I stepped out into a cool but sticky summer morning. Across the road the small fog bank settled in over where I knew the stream to be, and everything not covered by a canopy of trees appeared saturated with dew. I pulled on some lightweight hip-boots, rigged my rod and tied on a #16 tan caddis pattern which is always a starting fly for me on this particular water.

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    Default Regarding "Valley Of Jewels"


    First off, thank you for a wonderful "Reader's Cast" article. I also enjoyed the fly patterns that you inserted into the article. What truly amazed me that all this fly fishing was inside of Valley Forge National Historic Park.

    Being a Retired Soldier of the U. S. Army, when I did duty at Ft. Snelling Minnesota with the HHC 205th Light Infantry Brigade, one of our three Infantry Battalions was the 3rd 'Battalion - 3rd Infantry Regiment (Old Guard).

    The 3rd Infantry Regiment, was the first Infantry regiment assigned to General George Washington, for the battle on Staten Island (and New York City). They were the first Regiment of Infantry that was created by the Continental Congress. From my understand of the situation at that time, all the other units in this battle were home guard from various regions.

    Today the only portion of the 3rd Infantry Regiment, that is on active duty, are the soldiers serve at Arlington Cemetery! They are the Honor Soldier for all burials at Arlington Cemetery since the 1930's and every President of the United States has be the Honorary Regimental Commander.

    SFC Steven H. McGarthwaite
    U. S. Army Retired, 1968-1995

    PS: Great Fly Fishing Patterns (I have added them to my "Other FAOL Fly Patterns" folder, on the FAOL Fly Patterns CD.
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    It is amazing the history that is right in front of us at times. The old Guard has a storied history for sure, and I think they are in the right place now. It' good to hear that you liked the article & patterns.


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    Lightbulb This one was ...

    ... a real eye opener, Ralph. All that close to Philadelphia and on the way to work !!

    Excellent job on the presentation.

    The fish are always right.

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    Great article, great pictures, Thanks for sharing, Ralph!

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