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Thread: HERE'S AN IDEA - Ladyfisher - May 21, 2012

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    Default HERE'S AN IDEA - Ladyfisher - May 21, 2012


    I've always loved hardware stores, something about being dragged along with my dad when I was a kid when he needed to pick up something; absolutely fascinating places in the 'old days,' Disney-level entertainment today.

    So there I was waiting for my husband Trav to pick up whatever he needed and I'm just looking around to see what's new at the Lowe's store in Bozeman Montana. And pow ? there it is! The perfect answer to Montana's cold. Especially if one is a fly fisher who thinks fishing in the winter is even a possibility. That probably isn't going to be even a possibility for me personally since I've given up on winter in Montana and instead opt out of it entirely by living for six months of the year in sunny Arizona. (and yes it really is)

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    My only thought would be with regarrds to "water-resistant" and electrocution. I've done some involuntary swimming in my day...
    ‎"Trust, but verify" - Russian Proverb, as used by Ronald Reagan

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