True, but just like hunger, it is a political problem, not a bio, or geological problem. The food and water are here. They are just not being supplied to the people who need it. That is the fault of the government in question. If you will notice, in these countries, the ruling classes seldom look hungry, thirsty or underfed. And their military people look pretty healthy.

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.... unless you are among the significant, and growing, percentage of human beings who do not have access to clean, potable drinking water on a daily basis, or to water to grow subsistence crops.

It's all well and good to say "And yes, freshwater is only 3% of the total, but it is a constant 3%. It never changes, because it is always being recycled as rain, vapor, and other biological stuff (you don't want to know...), and cycled from seawater. Water never gets used up."

But the human population on this planet constantly changes / grows, and will likely continue to grow until there is not enough water to go around, whether "enough" means for human consumption, growing crops, or fly angling.

I'm sure there are folks out there right now working on "solutions". Your grandchildren better hope they are successful.