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    1. I have for sale a custom Dan Craft FXTL 9ft 6wt 4piece rod. The rod has a wooden reel insert which is maple, as well as a fighting butt. the rod is a charcoal with cream colored wraps. The guides Are single foot chrome guides made by Pac Bay. The rod comes with a Sage Rod tube, condura covered, with a rod divider. Also if you buy this rod I will throw in a full line that had a sinktip built into it. I would like $100 for this rod.

    2. I have for sale a Matrix 8' 5wt 2 piece rod. It is black with red wraps on recoil guides. the wraps dont really show until you get it in bright sunlight. Its a super nice rod that can handle anything from bass to 25# carp. I used this rod a lot of small creeks for carp last summer. Its a fun little rod. It also has a dark wood reel seat with nickel silver hardware. I would like $75 for this rod.

    *I need to move these rods to pay some bills, either rod you buy I will throw in a box of flies.

    If you are interested in both rods, I could sell both for $150. They are both nice custom rods and anyone who has ever bought my rods hasnt ever complained. I have taken my time and all the components are top quality. if you have any questions please email me thanks for looking!
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