Did a little yakkin on Thursday from Brandenburg Park on Lake St Clair. Fished west of the park and tried everything! seen A LOT of carp in the shallows but they were more interested in making more carp than eating. Went to Lottivue just west of the park where they have one ton boulders as a break wall. Ive done well there in the past but usually in August. Got to the rocks and nothing! 20' from the rocks there was a dark patch of water that could only be seen with polarized glasses. made a cast to the patch and fish on! 10 fish out of that particular hole and nothing else. Rockbass, smallies and largemouth occupying the same 10 by 10' hole. All came on the drop as the fly hit the water. All came on a size 4 green wolly bugger with a heavy gold bead head. Fished all the way back to the park and notta.