I just found out I'll be travelling to sunny Southern California this weekend (from Virginia), and staying for maybe 6 weeks, working on the troubled Nuke plant down there. I'll be staying in San Jaun Capistrano or San Clemente.

Do any members know any good public places to fly-fish in the area between Camp Pendleton and L.A.? My time off will be limited, so I don't want to go too far, but I might consider going up into the San Gabriel Mountains if I hear it's worth the drive. I also would prefer to stay away from the L.A. traffic nightmare. Other hotspots that I know of that aren't too far away are Lake Elsinore and the Pacific Ocean.

Here at home I prefer small streams for warm-water fish like bass and sunfish, but I'm willing to cross-train. For example, ponds in public parks, mountain trout streams, the surf, etc., are all interesting places to try if I hear good reports.