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    Default Various Rods for Sale

    Please excuse the pics, I'm not a photographer.

    1) St. Croix 9' 2 pc. 5 wt. Legand Ultra. includes factory rod tube with internal divider. $175.00 Plus $20 shipping CONUS. Nearly perfect with a small scratch on reel seat

    2) Loomis IMX 9' 4 pc. 8 wt. factory tube and sock. Powell type reel seat. $200 Plus $15 shipping CONUS. Perfect condition, sock a bit worn, a great caster.

    3) Dan Craft 8' 4" 3 pc. 3/4 wt. Sig. V, Homade PVC tube and Homade sock. Built by Dan Craft, green wraps with gold tipping. Perfect condition. I like it with a 4 WT. line. $125.00 plus $15 shipped CONUS Dan Craft is sold pending funds.

    4) R. L. Winston 9' 2 pc. 4 wt. IM6 Factor tube and sock. Perfect condition, slight soiling on grip. Outstanding caster. $325. Plus $20 shipping CONUS

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