I got contacted by a customer that I have built rods for in the past about building a rod for his mother for Mothers Day. I always try to take care of my customers no matter how much work it means for me so I took on the job of getting this rod done for Mothers day. Problem was he just contacted me about a week ago and he needed it in his hands by Mothers Day :wallbash:

So about 7days from ordering the parts to shipping. Somehow I managed to pull it off with a little help from my buddy Ron (Goduster) in getting some parts to me lightning fast :thumbsup: (Thanks Ron).

Blank is a Rainshadow 7ft 4wt shortened to 6'6". Seat hardware is nickle silver BUL5. Insert and grip are hand turned matching purpleheart wood. Wraps are metallic burgundy main wrap and metallic purple trim wraps. The grip was finsihed in Threadmaster finish to give it a deep shine. Also has single foot guides and a Hopkins & Hollaway stripper.