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Thread: AN EVENING ALONG THE STREAM (part 6) - Eye of the Guide - May 7, 2012

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    Default AN EVENING ALONG THE STREAM (part 6) - Eye of the Guide - May 7, 2012


    June 27th, the morning was very slow, with very few trout showing before the hatch which didn't show up until 11 A.M. When the trout began to feed it was not with the classic movements that we often associate with nymphing trout. Instead of holding and feeding in one area they were moving around like drunken sailors. I had seen this behavior before and had figured out a game plan for this situation, therefore I will share the story which is; A FLY FISHING MYSTERY, The case of Nymphing to the Moving Trout. This is a situation when knowledge must be coupled with observation if the angler wishes to be successful.

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    This "moving trout" method of feeding is, in my experience, how most warmwater fish feed most of the time. Therefore we warmwater enthusiasts are almost always "fishing blind". The fish that find a good lie and hold there may take a lure, but in general, they are not the fish that are actively feeding. Actively feeding black bass, for example, are generally on the prowl.

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