hNt, I have tied this pattern in numerous variations with success, but the black has been my best of all of them. I've tied it in a Hopper variation, a Skwala variation, and an Attractor variation as an upgrade to my Tossed Salad pattern. Here is what I used:

Red Thread
Tan Foam
Light Elk Wing
Grizzly hackle
Olive Centipede Legs
Olive Ice Dub

Rust Thread
Black Foam
Natural Elk Wing
Brown hackle
Orange Centipede Legs
Amber Ice Dub

Tossed Salad
Olive Thread
Olive Foam
Olive Elk Wing
Silver badger hackle
Chartruese Centipede Legs
Insect Green Ice Dub

The variations are countless.....none have left me down yet.