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Thread: FOAM BUTT CADDIS - Fly of the week - May 7 2012

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    Default FOAM BUTT CADDIS - Fly of the week - May 7 2012


    The FBC was originally tied as a cricket pattern for the summer months of central Pennsylvania. It's a versatile pattern that fishes great as intended, and doubles as a warm water popper. It could be called Bluegill candy as well since they cannot ignore it when twitched, and can be irresistible to Brookies when fished along those shady undercut hemlock banks.

    The original pattern lacked the Ice-dub chin. But after 2 years of the chin being added, it's there to stay. Tied from #12 through #8, it's an extremely effective pattern.

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    NOTE TO SELF (and other members of FAOL):

    Before my next fly fishing outing, dress some "Foam Butt Caddis" flies for the fly box.... this is a so called "Killer" fly pattern for all kinds of fish and fishing environments!

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    Great pattern, thanks so much for sharing! I've been looking for something simple like this for hoppers and crickets. Change a few colors and it should make a great hopper pattern too.

    thanks again,
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    hNt, I have tied this pattern in numerous variations with success, but the black has been my best of all of them. I've tied it in a Hopper variation, a Skwala variation, and an Attractor variation as an upgrade to my Tossed Salad pattern. Here is what I used:

    Red Thread
    Tan Foam
    Light Elk Wing
    Grizzly hackle
    Olive Centipede Legs
    Olive Ice Dub

    Rust Thread
    Black Foam
    Natural Elk Wing
    Brown hackle
    Orange Centipede Legs
    Amber Ice Dub

    Tossed Salad
    Olive Thread
    Olive Foam
    Olive Elk Wing
    Silver badger hackle
    Chartruese Centipede Legs
    Insect Green Ice Dub

    The variations are countless.....none have left me down yet.


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