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Thread: HOW IMPORTANT IS FLY CASTING? - Readers Cast (Eric Jezierski) - May 7, 2012

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    Default HOW IMPORTANT IS FLY CASTING? - Readers Cast (Eric Jezierski) - May 7, 2012


    I got to thinking the other day, so I took some aspirin and lay down for a while. Once the shock of the initial thought was over I eased into my thoughts a little more carefully. These particular thoughts were on how important casting is.

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    I gather this article was meant to be tongue in cheek.
    " If a man is truly blessed, he returns home from fishing to the best catch of his life." Christopher Armour

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    Better to have your tongue in your cheek, than having ended up biting it!

    The newbies are the future of "Fly Fishing"! Many newbies may fall off the path of enlightenment, returning to spin-casting, yet those who continue on the path of enlightenment will gain great rewards, knowledge and understanding for their endeavors.

    I once was a newbie (1995), but with the advent of FAOL (September 1st 1997) a whole new world opened up before my eyes....

    Once upon a time long time ago (1995) I was a newbie in the art of fly fishing, fly casting, fly tying, fly rod building, tapered furled leaders, fly fishing entomology, and all sorts of stuff that I never knew existed. No one cast ever master all the knowledge about fly fishing that has ever been written! Yet that does not deter us from our adventure! ~Parnelli
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    "Everyone you meet in life, give you happiness! Some by their arrival, others by their departure!" ~Parnelli

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