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Thread: TIPS FOR FISHING SMALL STREAMS - Readers Cast (Dan Sedergren) - May 7, 2012

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    Default TIPS FOR FISHING SMALL STREAMS - Readers Cast (Dan Sedergren) - May 7, 2012


    When given the choice between fishing a large river or a small stream I consistently choose the small stream. As I wrote in an article that was published recently in California Fly Fisher, "Small streams" ? these words invoke fond memories dating back some 60 years. Growing up on the west slope of the Cascades in Oregon, my earliest fishing forays were along the streams of the Willamette River drainage. There, I developed an appreciation for the beauty and intimacy of small streams, qualities that larger waters can't match, and that is what motivates me to seek out small streams to fish."

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    Great article.....

    If while stand on the edge of a narrow stream, and your fly rod tip can touch the otherside of the stream that you are fly fishing, you need to use a shorter fly rod....or remove the fly reel from the fly rod and attach the tapered leader to the fly rod tip-top guide and go Tenkara!

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