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    Here's the how to from the Mother's Day Caddis thread.

    Start the thread and where you want the hackle to be tie in a length of strong mono, I've used 12lb mono.Tie in the tip along the hook shank leaving the bulk of the wire forward over the eye.

    Dub the body back to the point you tied the mono in at.

    Then, with dubbed thread, figure of eight the mono to your side of the hook shank so it forms a loop above the shank and lies vertical with the unattached end pointing down.

    Tie in the wing.

    Dub over the base of the wing back to the mono loop.

    Form a parachute hackle around the base of the mono loop.

    Trim out a few of the fibres at the front of the hackle. It is impossible to split the hackle evenly when you bring the wing back over so best to get them out of the way now.

    Tie off the parachute hackle and whip finish under the hackle around the mono loop. Catch the wing in the mono loop and start to pull on the loose end of the mono.

    Keep pulling until the wing is held down on top of the hackle tightly.

    Heat your bodkin in a flame. Touch the mono where it emerges from the body with the hot needle. Pull on the loose end at the same time. This will melt the loose end off. Melting it off makes for more security than cutting it.

    If you wish you can put a tiny drop of CA Glue on the mono above the wing, and where you melted it off.

    You can use whatever material you like for the wing and body. For clarity I've used a large hook for this one. You can tie it in whatever size you like. That is also why I have used black thread, normally I would use tan.

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