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Don't take these comments wrong but you asked for some honest comments and I'll just give you a few of my own.

You have used an entry level line but you haven't reviewed it with any others. This is like driving a Ford and saying this is the only car I will drive.....
Most entry level line is just that--entry. Not all fly lines are created equal. Another thing you will find is that not all lines --within the same weight rating--will be the same weight. To be a #6 line,you can have one line weighing a few grams more than the next between manufacturers.
Same goes for the slickness on the fly line itself. Some you will find are actually slightly rough to the touch. Some are so smooth,you hardly feel the line going thru your fingers.
Also, what is the fly lines inner core made of? This goes a long way in the retention of those nasty coils.
FWIW--I use,on occasion, entry level lines for doing some of my--dirty- fishing. Realy dirty waters and not casting far. Streams that are narrow and I'll be nymphing in dirty waters. I'll use some cheaper lines.
When I'm out throwing a distance or on a bigger stream and I'll be dry flying, yes thats when I'll use my SA-GPX line for smooth,effortlessly casting. I'm not going to knock manufacturers but I'll tell you that some lines will just give you more distance and less effort getting that distance.
I'll always tell people to buy the best line you can afford. To me--this is the most important item that I use that I get the most from---again, this is my opinion.
Will I buy the $250 dollar silk line from Italy??? No way but I'll pay $50-$60 for good quality line any day. Will I buy the $10 stuff? Well, on occasion, I will to save my better lines from abuse.
I feel I can get 200-250 hours out of a fly line before it starts going down hill. Then,it becomes a back-up line.
Yea, I've heard this. "You spend way too much money on lines and have too many"... You only need one #5 line for your #5 rod. Well, I could be buying beer in a bar but I choose not to. I choose to buy several lines---and reels, to hold them. But thats my addiction...along with too many rods......Back to the fly line question

Getting those coils could be the reel, or it could be from cold weather, or it could be the twist in the line but you want to get the to bottom of that?
What size reel to you have and does it have a small spool and line stored for a long time?
Are we in weather thats really cold?
Did you do a lot of false casting to give the line a twist?

Not knowing what your situation is and what you would be willing to spend is difficult but I would really invest in a better quality fly line first.

I definitely took your comments the RIGHT way! Thanks a lot Randy. When my wife and I get out of debt an d get a little older, we will be sure to invest in some better line for us.

I love all of these comments. Thanks for the input everyone. Anyone else use the five gallon bucket trick?