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Tim -

Your post, if I'm reading it right, goes to scouting for your prey. Yeah, I've done that in the off season or during open season when conditions really were "unfishable."

It also reminds me of another question I've had for some time - if you don't have a "hook" capable of taking a fish, are you fishing in the legal sense of the regulations ?? When it was tough to come up with the bucks for a non-resident daily license in neighboring states, I wondered if I could fish with such a set up. But I think the Fish and Game enforcement officers would consider that "harassing" the fishies, which was against the regs in the states I was interested in fishing.

Food for thought.

According to the CA DFG:
1.80. Take.
Hunt, pursue, catch, capture or kill fish, amphibians, reptiles, mollusks, crustaceans or invertebrates or attempting to do so.

Which is why you get busted if you continue to fish after keeping a limit...even if you release...you are attempting