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Thread: Tying a parachute differently

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    Default Tying a parachute differently

    I thought about tacking this on to the end of the Tying Off a Parachute differently thread.
    But this one doesn't tie off at the base of a fiber post. This parachute winds underneath the body, between body and shank--where the body is made independent of the hook (Spanflex rubberleg body tied on a #12 beading needle). I mount the body with a minimal number of thread wraps. And then glue it all together with a strategically pin-pointed micro-dot of CA glue below the parachute. This fly uses a #22 scud hook. But the fly itself is about the size of a #16 Catskill pattern. Floats well. Always lands upright.

    The Zelon version is easier to tie. I make a few of the parachutes every year anyway, just to be stubborn.

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