I've known Royce for over 30 years. He was one of the Gary Borger's assistants at the Gary's Fenwick Fly Fishing School. I can still remember him grabbing my rod hand to show me a hard stop.

Few people outside of Wisconsin know how great a fly tier Royce is. he has been invited to international fly tying expositions. He is a member of an invitation only group of tyers called the Phantom Fly Tiers. He has won the highest award of the FFF in fly tying - The Buz Buszek Award.

I have 3 of Royce's Shadow boxes. The following photos reveal the depth and breadth of his skill, not only in traditional trout flies but in full dress salmon flies and hair bass bugs. I know of no other fly tier who is accomplished as he is over the entire spectrum of fly tying.

The first is a shadow box I ordered from Royce with the USPS special issue commemorative stamps of flies. This was series of 5 stamps with a Royal Wulff, Jock Scott, Stu Apte Tarpon Fly, Lefty's Deceiver, and Muddler Minnow. The entire plate is shown then close ups of the Jock Scott and the Royal Wulff.

The photos below are of a deer hair bug. Notice the alternating green and yellow bands of deer hair that he has tied and how tight the hair is.

The photos below are of a stonefly nymph plate and a close up of one of the nymphs.