As a participant in the Beginner's Only Swap this year, I have only the highest praise and regard for Parnelli. From keeping me on track, to solving problems, to offering advice and encouragement, What A GUY! I have stretched my abilities, done things I would not have tried and done more tying which I needed to do. If you are a beginner, I recommend you to try this. Yeah, there is an OOPS - need to get those tied or man, the first 6 stink, far outweighed by WOW- I can do this and they look respectable, maybe even catch fish. I love seeing what everyone else has tied, look and decide to tie that myself. The benefits are enormous and the feeling tremendous.
My thanks to Parnelli and the other members of the swap. You're all great and I look back at the flies with a sense of accomplishment.
aka melk