Time to start complaining again.

At least the PF&BC appear to listen to the comments of the angling community. The outcry against the opening of Delayed Harvest Fly Fishing Only Waters to all tackle helped to end that issue.

My two cents:

LEGAL 24 hour fishing is a plus. I for one break that rule every night when the Sulphurs are on. It's a silly rule that isn't enforceable anyway. Maybe with more fishermen legally on the water after dark poachers will be deterred.

Allowing wading in all special regulation streams will be a mistake. If any of you have ever fished the Heritage Section of Little Lehigh Creek you know what a disaster that will be.

Elimination of Delayed Harvest Fly Fishing Only to Catch & Release FFO; EXCELLENT idea!

Elimination of Heritage Regulations, STUPID idea! There are only 7 streams in the program and I think each one has unique qualities that require a different approach to allow such things as barb-less hooks, no wading, or other special rules. Or better yet go back to the old days when you had the Limestone Springs Wild Trout regulations that were the most restrictive because the waters involved were so special. It only covered three streams so was easy to deal with.

I agree with kbobb, if you fish in PA and care tell them what you think.