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You should have a good idea of value since you posted the exact same thread on the Fiberglass Fly Rodders forum on the same date.

It's a nice collectible fiberglass rod, especially in the length you own. Any rod built for A&F was of high quality.
I hope you don't think I was SPAMing your forum. As a moderator on another forum, that was the furthest from my intentions, really wanted to see if the collectable value outweighed the working value of the rod, which seems doubtful unless I found someone obcessed with A&F gear. Had it out practicing this last weekend and also casted my "newer" rod as well (it is an 80's, store brand graphite rod I bought a few years before this one was gifted to me.) Definately like the feel of the old rod over the newer one, and plan to keep using it at least for the meantime.

Thanks again for everyones input,